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Our first job together is to locate those assets that have been under-appreciated and under-used for too long.  Every business has them, and I'll help you find yours.


Next, we'll work on liberating the assets we've found, freeing them up so they can begin to make a real contribution in every area of your business.


Then once all your business assets are working together to maximize what you're already doing, we'll look at how we can leverage them to help you and your business thrive as never before

I help trusted estate planning advisors to increase the lifetime value of their clients, using assets & opportunities they never knew they had 


Discover how my Asset Liberation Method can deliver a more profitable, more sustainable, more satisfying practice for you:


Get the Manifesto

The Strategy Shed is all about helping progressive, enlightened estate planning professionals of all kinds to grow thriving businesses, by uncovering assets they never knew they had and putting those assets to work.

Those working solo or running their own small firms, doing work that matters with perspective and a sense of  humour, are especially welcome.

If you love your clients and your practice and you're already doing pretty well, but you're looking for innovative ideas to help you do even better, get the edge over your competition and take your business to a new level of profitability, then I can help.  In fact, I'd love to help.

My Asset Liberation methodology focuses on leveraging the powerful relationships that trusted professionals like us - and especially estate planners - enjoy with our clients and colleagues, to free up and profit from hidden assets and opportunities in your practice. 

**My new report -  The Exponential Growth Manifesto - "3 Simple Ways Any Estate Planning Professional Can Kickstart Exponential Growth in Their Practice in 90 Days or Less ... Without Spending an Extra Cent on Advertising"  - will give you a glimpse of how these strategies can help you to thrive.  You can get a free copy of the Manifesto here.**


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Richard Austin

Founder, The Strategy Shed



PS I hate spam even more than you do, so don't worry - I'd never abuse your trust by selling, renting or misusing your email address in any way.



Richard Austin

The Strategy Shed

PO Box 271 Newstead

Tasmania 7250 Australia


Twitter    @TheStrategyShed


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