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Is this for you?

The Strategy Shed is for you if:

•    you're a trusted estate planning professional - whether a lawyer, accountant, financial advisor or a member of a related profession - working solo or running your own small firm; 

•    you love your clients and your practice, and while you're doing ok financially, you'd love to be able to find a way to get more profit and more satisfaction from your business without having to spend hours on marketing and promoting in ways that just don't sit well with the way you see yourself and your firm;

•    you have a sense of humour about yourself and the world and an open mind about new ideas and new possibilities, but you don't want your life and your business taken over by some overbearing consultant (or even worse, some consulting "mega company") who wants you to change who you are and what's important to you and your clients;

•    you have a generous, positive attitude towards others, and you long to live life larger than you do now, so you can work hard and play hard with joy, and build a great future for yourself and those you love.

If that sounds like you, we need to talk about getting you where you want to go, without changing who you are and what you believe in.

It starts with a conversation, an hour or so of your time on Skype or on the phone.

That's it.  No pressure and no obligation on either side.  Just a conversation to see if we're on the same wavelength.  And if we are, we can take it from there.

I work with just a few clients at a time, so if we work together, you'll have my full attention.


If this strikes a chord with you, if it feels like this could help your practice and maybe improve your life, contact me now and let's get the ball rolling.

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