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About me 

I'm Richard Austin, an Aussie business development strategist and recovering lawyer, and the founder of the Strategy Shed.  I'm lucky enough to live with my family in Tasmania, Australia's island state and one of the most beautiful places in the world.

I enjoy a single malt, I love cricket, politics, swimming and good TV, and helping people make the absolute most of what they've got in their businesses and their lives - because most of us have a hell of a lot to be grateful for, but not all of us appreciate it as we should.

Here at the Strategy Shed, my focus is on helping progressive, enlightened estate planning professionals of all kinds, working solo and running their own small firms, to grow thriving businesses by uncovering assets they never knew they had and putting those assets to work.

If you love your clients and your practice and you're already doing well, but you're looking for innovative ideas to help you do even better and get that "slight edge" over the competition, then I can help.  In fact, I'd love to help.

My Asset Liberation Methodology focuses on leveraging the powerful relationships that trusted professionals like us - and especially estate planning professionals - enjoy with our clients and colleagues, to free up and profit from hidden assets and opportunities in your practice. 

It's like clearing out your shed at home, and finding all sorts of good stuff you'd forgotten about - it just needs to be uncovered, brought out into the daylight and tidied up a bit, and it's ready to go.  Much better than going out buying all new gear that'll cost way too much and won't be as good what you had just lying around, right?  

**My new report -  The Exponential Growth Manifesto - "3 Simple Ways Any Estate Planning Professional Can Kickstart Exponential Growth in Their Practice in 90 Days or Less ... Without Spending an Extra Cent on Advertising"  - will give you a glimpse of some of the strategies my clients learn to apply in their practices.  You can get a free copy of the Manifesto here.**          (Coming soon)

When we work together we'll go deeper than just looking at your business life, but that's where we'll start and where we'll get some quick results for you.

We can work face to face, on Skype or by email.  As long as you and I get along  - and that's not negotiable, because we've got to be in this together - we'll make it work.  


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